Facts To Learn About ETA Canada

Canada has faced some recent issues concerning its eTA policy. Citizens who have dual citizenship are usually the ones who are affected by this new implementation. Previously, citizens from over fifty nations can visit Canada even without their visas. But now, with this new policy, they have to undergo a complete electronic screening prior to getting on a plane.

What Does ETA Stand For?

ETA, or short term for Electronic Travel Authorization, refers to the pre-screening online of individuals coming from more than fifty nations. These individuals are the ones that usually take a trip to Canada with no visa which include Australia, Japan, Britain, European nations, and others.

Its main aim is to catch suspicious people who seem to pose a risk or who illegally stay in the country. For the citizens of the United States, they are exempted to this new rule. It is important to note down that those who are affected by this electronic travel authorization are those who come to Canada on a plane ride. Thus, those who travel by sea or by land do not have to comply with this requirement.

This program was intended to start its function on the 15th day of March 2016. Due to the concern about the citizens’ insufficient knowledge about this new policy, the government provided an extension. It officially started in November of the same year.

The Completion Process of eTA

There are some steps that should be taken to get ETA Canada. Its form is available on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Travelers have to fill this out online and they have to provide other requirements such passport information and payment of $7 CDN which is paid through credit card.

Upon the approval of the ETA Canada, this will be linked into the passport of the traveler. It will be valid up to 5 years or until the expiration of the current passport. As stated in the website of Citizenship and Immigration, it says that majority of the travelers seek for eTA approval in as short as a few minutes via email.

On the other hand, requests may take a couple of days if supporting documents are further asked. It is advised to acquire an ETA prior to booking a flight going to Canada. Airlines undergo inspection to reassure that all Canada-bound passengers got their ETA completed. Since this is a new policy, some individuals may encounter problems with missed flights.