The Requirements For A USA Visa

The first step involved to commence your USA Visa application is to find out under which visa type you will be permitted to visit or enter the United States. Once you have chosen the type of visa you are applicable for, you need to check on the requirements, and begin gathering documents needed for the visa.

The Standard Documents Required For A USA Visa Application

There are specific documents which the consulate or embassy of the USA require from each applicant, regardless of the type of visa they are hoping to obtain. You need to ensure you have these documents when handing in the visa application.

The Online Application Form

There are 2 types of applications, which will depend on the visa type. This includes:

1. Non-immigrant Visa Application Form DS-160

This application is made up of 2 parts, the 1st part consists of questions pertaining to your personal information.

The 2nd part of this application form contains questions on background and security information. This will include whether you have in the past been convicted or arrested for a crime or an offense. You will also be asked if you were in the past engaged in conspiracies to violate a law associated with controlled substances, if you were involved in laundering money, or if you have ever committed, incited, ordered, participated or assisted in genocide.

2. Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-260

When applying for your immigrant visa, the DS-260 application form will need to be completed. Some of the personal details required include your Full name in English characters as well as in your Native Alphabet, your place and date of birth, your home address, nationality, occupation, email, phone number and your education. Other information will be associated with your family such as your spouse, parents, previous spouse and your children, and any previous travel information to the US.