How Fast Can You Get Your eTA Canada Visa?

Traveling to Canada might be one of those things on your bucket list. It is a magical place, a destination that many people want to go to, even if they are from far away countries. If your country is on the approved list of people that can visit Canada, all you have to do is get your electronic travel authorization visa from the official Canadian website. If you are from the United States, this is not something that you must do. There is an agreement between the US and Canada which only mandates possession of a passport. If you are not from America, you must go to the Canadian government website to apply for your Canadian Visa. This can actually be done very quickly.

How To Get Your eTA Canada Visa

When you arrive at the government of Canada website, and drill down to immigration and citizenship, the application for a Canadian Visa is there. You will click on that, provide the information they are requesting, and as long as you have your passport ready you should be approved. Remember, you must be from a preapproved list of countries that can come into Canada. If that is true, and your passport is valid, the visa will be approved almost immediately. There is a fee that must be paid, about seven dollars Canadian money, and then you will have this digital visa attached to your passport.

Can There Be A Delay?

There can certainly be a delay if there are problems with your passport. Sometimes it will have issues such as your address has changed, or perhaps you are very close to where it needs to be renewed. Regardless of the problems that you are facing, there will always be someone to talk to from the Canadian government that can help you resolve the issue. If you do not have a criminal record, and all of your documentation is valid, getting your eTA Canada visa will happen usually within seconds. It is a formality that allows you to travel into Canada, a place you may have always wanted to go, and will be possible once you have your visa.