How To Save On Airport Parking Fees

If you are flying somewhere and plan on leaving your car at an airport parking facility, you will have to pay airport parking fees. Here is how you can save on parking fees.

Compare Your Options

If you are leaving from a major airport, you should be able to find several parking structures in the area. You can choose to park at the parking facility that is attached to the airport but you might be able to find a more affordable option by parking at a nearby facility. Most parking facilities offer a free shuttle to and from the airport.

Consider An Economy Package

Most parking facilities offer different packages to choose from. You will end up paying more for parking if you choose a facility that is patrolled by guards at night. You will usually end up paying more for a parking facility that is covered, which isn’t something you need unless bad weather could be an issue.

Look For Discounts

Most parking facilities offer discounts and promotional offers. There might not be any discounts available for the dates of your trip but you can easily look for discounts and promotional offers by visiting the sites of different parking facilities near the airport where you will be flying from.

Sign Up For A Rewards Program

If you travel on a regular basis and usually drive to the airport, you should consider using the same parking facility every time and signing up for their rewards program. You might be able to get a discount on airport parking fees or might get free parking if you travel often.

Park Further From The Airport

Consider leaving your car at a parking facility that is further from the airport. You should be able to get lower parking rates if you choose a facility that is just outside of an urban area. You might be able to find a cheaper parking structure that offers a shuttle to the airport or might be able to ride public transportation or to take a taxi to the airport and still save money.

You can save money on airport parking by comparing your options, choosing a package that corresponds to your needs and by looking for discounts and promotional offers. Take the time to check reviews and ratings to find a parking facility that will offer a quality service while allowing you to travel without overspending.